Rhubarb Adventure

Ever since I read about Marianne's rhubarb obsession, I was determine to try it out.  I have heard about rhubarb and how it complements the flavor of strawberry, but I have never tasted it.  My dilemma was that most rhubarbs were sold by bunch at the farmers' market, how about if I did not like … Continue reading Rhubarb Adventure


Cathartic Therapy

I have been going through couple rough patches in June, and these obstacles leave me a bit restless.  Instead of ranting to friends incessantly, it might be better to diffuse the sense of frustration through my so-called cathartic therapy.  Though I am less than an accomplished artist (my magnum opus has been stick figures), the brainstorming … Continue reading Cathartic Therapy

Farmers’ Market

1. I can skip trips to Asian markets, since this Famers' Market has a good selection of leafy Asian veggies.  2.  Who would not smile when they see these beautiful sunflowers?  This vendor also sells a great variety of lettuces.  Those are equally beautiful.  3.  Besides veggies, fresh plants and flowers are sold here too.  … Continue reading Farmers’ Market


One of the best finds in my neighborhood is the farmers' market nearby.  It is almost a treat to go there every Sunday because I know that I will find something new to try at one of the stands.  A way to preserve these fresh and beautiful produce is canning.  Some might argue that fresh … Continue reading Jamming!

Cardamom cake

I definitely have a lot of random ingredients in my pantry, mostly because the Baker bought and forgot about them.  My usual tendency is to look up recipes that will incorporate these random ingredients, and serendipitously, my friend Marianne usually posts recipes that include these culinary components. Cardamom is one of these.  Its appearance reminds me of … Continue reading Cardamom cake