New Year and goals

Happy belated New Year, everyone!  It has been awhile since I post. Perhaps it is insolence, imaginary busyness, or a combination of everything, but stay assured that I am still baking, knitting, and doing other crafts. Though I do enjoy writing, it is a laborious process as I am an overwriter. I need to let the … Continue reading New Year and goals


My Stollen Adventure: History

This post has been under preparation for a long time; in fact, I started this draft since December of last year but did not get to finished until now.  Originally, I wanted to combine both the background and the making of the Stollen in one post, but I decided that would be too long.  In … Continue reading My Stollen Adventure: History

Cathartic Therapy

I have been going through couple rough patches in June, and these obstacles leave me a bit restless.  Instead of ranting to friends incessantly, it might be better to diffuse the sense of frustration through my so-called cathartic therapy.  Though I am less than an accomplished artist (my magnum opus has been stick figures), the brainstorming … Continue reading Cathartic Therapy