Holiday Baking

It was about six or seven years ago I started doing holiday baking. This "tradition" started partly by my anguish not being able to find pastries I liked and inspired by a good friend's generosity. Year after year, she always sends a box of Christmas cookies during the holidays and all of them are exquisitely … Continue reading Holiday Baking


Christmas baking 2014

A bit late to the game, but Happy belated New Year!  I totally ate my crafting resolution in 2014 in terms of experimenting with new recipes, partly because I have started a second master's program.  The most recent semester was quite brutal, given that all my classes involved intensive research; hence, no time to bake. … Continue reading Christmas baking 2014

Schokiladen-Butter-plätzchen or Chocolate covered shortbread cookie

I have been a lucky recipient of holiday cookies for years (Thank you, Marianne!) This year, I decide to make some cookies for coworkers, and my first batch is chocolate covered shortbread cookies.  The recipe I use is from Saveur and part of the reason I choose this recipe over others is because the relative small … Continue reading Schokiladen-Butter-plätzchen or Chocolate covered shortbread cookie

Linzer Cookie

During Thanksgiving weekend, I attempted Marianne's recipe on Linzer cookies.  Every single Christmas, Marianne will send me a box of homemade cookies and in that medley, my favorite has always been Linzer cookies.   I am not sure why I like them so much, could be the jam and cookie combination.  I have been contemplated … Continue reading Linzer Cookie