Oh Madeleines…

Here is my confession:  I have not become interested in madeleines until recently.  This popular and famous cake did not obtain my attention until couple weeks ago.  Having a full-time job and going to school do not leave much play time for me, but there are certain times I just feel the urge to do … Continue reading Oh Madeleines…


It is one of those days

Probably to make up for the time I have not blogged here, I spent most of the time in the kitchen this past Saturday. Here is what I have made:1.  Labneh:  it is a vegetable yogurt dip, topped with olive oil.  Because the yogurt is strained, it tastes extra tangy, couple nicely with diced golden … Continue reading It is one of those days

Cardamom cake

I definitely have a lot of random ingredients in my pantry, mostly because the Baker bought and forgot about them.  My usual tendency is to look up recipes that will incorporate these random ingredients, and serendipitously, my friend Marianne usually posts recipes that include these culinary components. Cardamom is one of these.  Its appearance reminds me of … Continue reading Cardamom cake