New Year and goals

Happy belated New Year, everyone!  It has been awhile since I post. Perhaps it is insolence, imaginary busyness, or a combination of everything, but stay assured that I am still baking, knitting, and doing other crafts. Though I do enjoy writing, it is a laborious process as I am an overwriter. I need to let the posts sit then going through different stages of rewriting. Because of that, I truly admire those prolific bloggers who publish regularly.

Despite my never-ending quest for planners, I do not establish new year resolutions habitually, for the reason of I might forget about them.  Instead, I usually make small changes (or, finding excuses to experiment) in life that could improve the overall quality.  So here they come, some changes I would like to further in 2017:

  • Find natural alternatives to items I am currently using: in 2016, I have made conscious attempts in using more natural commodities.  One of the first items I have replaced is body moisturizer by mixing my own, with ingredients that are commonly found in the pantry, such as coconut and grapeseed oil.  I have been satisfied with the result and I would like to apply that more broadly to other household items.
  • Reduce the number of work-in-progress: as a knitter, any new patterns/yarn can be enticing.  The downside of it is that I have many work-in-progress, left-on-the-needle projects.  Toward the end of 2016, I have slowly wrapped up some of them.  In the new year, I would like to move toward the direction of having only 2 work-in-progress projects simultaneously by using up the yarn stash I have.
  • Try out more recipes: this item has become a perpetual item on my list and so far, I have been happy with different flavors I have discovered. In fact, this endeavor has turned my annual Christmas baking marathon into a series of exploration of traditions.

Aim small, miss small.  What are your aspirations in this new year?


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