Christmas baking 2014

A bit late to the game, but Happy belated New Year!  I totally ate my crafting resolution in 2014 in terms of experimenting with new recipes, partly because I have started a second master’s program.  The most recent semester was quite brutal, given that all my classes involved intensive research; hence, no time to bake.  I felt languid without the butter grease on my hands, endless sifting of cake flour, and scratching my head bald in coming up ways to use up those leftover egg whites in the fridge.  This void was somewhat filled toward the end of 2014 with a mad dash of baking Christmas cookies.

At work, it is an established tradition to give a small token of “thank you” bags to student employees and guards.  Last year, the cookie due date lined up perfectly with project due date (of course, right?), but I just have had it.  Between proofreading teaching plans and concocting a coherent research proposal, I planned to bake one batch of walnut butter cookies.  That one batch turned into about seven batches of three different types of cookies.  Needless to say, no assignment was completed during the mad dash cookie baking, but some equilibrium was restored.

Right after the semester was concluded, I baked another 150 or so cookies for coworkers as small holiday tokens.  It is definitely not as impressive as Marianne’s cookie marathon, but my sense of balance was restored with endless creaming butter and sugar, waiting for the dough to set, and kneading.

Walnut cookies with powdered sugar that reminds me of snow. #baking #food
Walnut butter cookies


#Christmas bake-off: Spekulatius, German spiced almond cookies. Looks a bit like a tile found in a Roman ruin #baking
After a batch of disappointing Linzer, this one redeems the experience. #baking
Linzer Augen


Last batch of #Christmas bake-off: Vanillekipferl #baking


Cookie boxes are ready to go! #Christmas #baking
Cookies are ready to go!

Some Lussekatter, even though I do not celebrate St. Lucia’s Day

Slightly offset Lussekatter #baking #christmas

Of course, no Christmas is without a Stollen, which I am hoping to write about next

Stollen ready for wrapping! #Christmas #baking
Is there something you or your family must do during the holiday season?

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