Goals for 2014

I do realize that I have overlooked this blog for way too long and I am also a bit late to set goals for 2014.  To be honest, New Year Resolutions and I are never friends because I often experience the frustration of not being able to attain the lofty goals I set at the beginning of the year.  Instead of giving in to my forgetfulness and frustration, I often designate small projects as goals and cross them off as I attempt them.  In addition, this “resolution” can be renew every month as I find different challenges I would like to attempt.
Inspired by Timbuk2’s “Real Resolutions“, here is my humble list:

  • Learn how to make some of my commonly used items from scratch, if possible.  So far, I was able to make a hazelnut chocolate spread similar to Nutella and coconut shampoo.  
  • Finish some of the half-done knitting projects, no matter how repetitive the patterns are.
  • Start writing simple knitting patterns.  They do not need to look elaborated.
  • Try at least one new baking/cooking recipe per month.  Life is too short to taste bland food!
What are you goals in the new year?  Do not forget, every day is a new beginning, hence you can make daily goals as well!

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