Turkish stitch cowl




With the weather becoming colder, there is more motivation to knit; however, I personally do not wear scarves or cowls.  Often time my neck will become warm too quickly that I remove it immediately.  To my solace, not everyone is as finicky as me.  One of the janitors at work saw me knitting and asked whether I could teach her so she could knit a cowl for her daughter.  After several tries, she was having trouble working with two needles while handling yarn (she does crocheting).  At the end I offered to knit one for her.  Instead of following a pattern written by capable knitters out there, I went to stitch dictionary and found a simple yet delicate stitch seen here, Turkish stitch.  Essentially I only repeated one row from the beginning to the end, probably the most wondrous thing for any knitter.  By passing, the pattern looks like regular stockinette, but once the piece is extended, you can see the lace lattice.  Yarn used here is Peacock by Malabrigo.  Again, impressive dye job and great color combinations, a balance of gray, black, teal, and variations of blue.

Even better,  the janitor’s daughter really likes the cowl.  Mission accomplished!


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