Scarf/shawl for autumn

The frequency of posting on this blog has been slowed compared to before.  Part of the reason is that some of the cards or knitted items I made is meant for friends with later birthdays.  It would be otherwise ruining surprises ahead of time.


This scarf/shawl is called Saroyan, inspired by Dr. Camille Saroyan in Bones, a popular American TV series.  I was attracted to the leaf edging in the pattern and thought it would be a great accessory for Marianne because of her love for nature.  Her favorite season is autumn, so on the yarn color choice I have selected something bright and autumnal.  The yarn here is worsted Merino by Malabrigo in a color called Snow Bird.  When I first saw the color, it immediately reminded me of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring and Firebird suite.  I thought the color fits the pattern well; the yarn color also adds a sense of brightness and joy in the gloomy winter.

The yarn is soft to touch and slightly felted and I absolutely enjoy the process of knitting, especially seeing the making of each leaf, feeling like burgeoning of a bud.

Leaf close up

It is very obvious that I prefer multicolor yarn, especially when all colors come together harmoniously not to mention that Malabrigo is famed for its kettle dyed yarn and each batch is produced in Mal Abrigo in Uruguay.

Love the striation.  Does not it looking at it alone bring a sense of warmth to your heart?

This scarf is now on its way to Marianne.  I hope she will like it as much as I enjoy the process!

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