It is one of those days


Probably to make up for the time I have not blogged here, I spent most of the time in the kitchen this past Saturday.

Here is what I have made:

1.  Labneh:  it is a vegetable yogurt dip, topped with olive oil.  Because the yogurt is strained, it tastes extra tangy, couple nicely with diced golden radish.  The recipe actually asks for radishes, but I find it a bit too spicy; hence substitute them with radish.  The original recipe can be found here.

2.  Hummus:  Usually I made hummus with canned garbanzo beans (or chick peas), but this time I made it with dried variety.  The beans are first rehydrated by soaking overnight then slowly simmered until cooked.  The hummus tastes less salty and more fresh.  I also used a new recipe for hummus, which can be found here.

3.  Blood orange marmalade:  I have been in a jam-making mode recently, thanks to all the fall produce that is saying hi.  The delicate and fresh taste of blood orange is unforgettable, so what is the best way to capture it besides canning?  If you are interested, the recipe can be found here.

4.  Passion fruit curd with sponge cake:  this creation is based on two recipes.  The curd is taken from Marianne’s cookies filled with passion fruit curd and the sponge cake recipe is the one mentioned in one of my previous posts.  This Franken cake turns out a lot better than I expected.  Originally I thought the curd might be overcooked so I did not add it to the cake until the cake is half baked.  The slight tanginess and fragrance of the passion fruit pair with a moist cake, I am surprised that I did not eat the whole cake in one sitting!

How is your weekend?


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