Cathartic Therapy

I have been going through couple rough patches in June, and these obstacles leave me a bit restless.  Instead of ranting to friends incessantly, it might be better to diffuse the sense of frustration through my so-called cathartic therapy.  Though I am less than an accomplished artist (my magnum opus has been stick figures), the brainstorming and creating processes help calm the nerve and refresh minds.

Several media are used to create the following cards:  metallic ink, watercolor, fountain pen ink, and pencil.  Stickers and washi tapes help remedy my less than perfect drawing abilities.

What do you think about them?

I must be in a dire need of Dexter, a TV show.  “A Slice of Life” is the slogan of it.
The inside of the card says “Savor it to the fullest.  Happy Birthday!”  Watermelon can be an apt theme for a summer birthday, right?
The watercolor I used here is a Pelikan palette, pretty basic, but good for my purpose.

I must be in a dire need of Dexter, a TV show, since “A Slice of Life” is one of the slogans for the show.  The inside of the card says “Savor it to the fullest.  Happy Birthday!”  I guess that redeems me from being a serial killer 😉  I figure watermelon can be an apt theme for a summer birthday, since it has cooling and refresh effects in those hot summer days.
The watercolor I used here is by Pelikan.  It is very basic, but great for my purpose.  For the rind, I blend a bit of Caran d’Ache’s Amazon with the emerald green.

Close up of the text.  Written with a Brause rose nib, which has become my favorite now.


My little one’s birthday is coming up, and I have been pretty good about making her a card every year so far.  Let’s hope I can keep up!  The bear is done with pencil and watercolor.  Took me awhile to mix the right color, but the process was quite fun.

Inside of the card, I made a small garland with washi tape and collaged an animal march out of stickers.


Last is an overdue thank you card for a dear friend.  The image is done by watercolor pencils by Derwent.  The outline is done by Sailor HighAce Neo with Platinum Carbon ink, a waterproof fountain pen ink.  I like how dark and shiny the black is.  The fine point of HighAce Neo is fine enough, which I find as a good substitue to Micron pens.


2 thoughts on “Cathartic Therapy

  1. All 3 cards are really lovely, I liked how you combine different techniques. I'm sure you recipients will be delighted with your little handmade creations. I usually do creative things to release stress, but lately I've been in kind of a block. I feel like doing nothing but laying down and watching TV, it's kinda depressing. But I've forced myself to pick up brushes and dip pens to attempt calligraphy again 🙂


  2. I think we all have those moments when we just want to be couch potatoes, but I found that keep doing certain activity (i.e. card making, calligraphy) will also help break that block. Even doing colorblocks with color pencils or watercolor will be therapeutic as well. Best of luck with everything!


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