Farmers’ Market

1. I can skip trips to Asian markets, since this Famers’ Market has a good selection of leafy Asian veggies.  2.  Who would not smile when they see these beautiful sunflowers?  This vendor also sells a great variety of lettuces.  Those are equally beautiful.  3.  Besides veggies, fresh plants and flowers are sold here too.  4.  Fresh macadamia nuts.  You sure do not see that everywhere.  5.  I am having difficulty of making choices than too few of them.  6.  The rhubarb guy also sells the best Bird of Paradise I have seen.

1.  Look at those gorgeous apples and peaches!  Probably the best I have had.  2.  A picture from my very stone fruit vendor.  I can’t believe all the varieties of apricots they have.  3.  Fresh garlic, anyone?  These have more delicate flavors and you probably can’t battle a vampire after eating them.  4.  Fresh bouquets of flowers.  5.  The potato lady has all colors of potatoes you can think of, besides the regular Russet potatoes.


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