Coconut Macaroons

One of the predicament often faced by baking fanatics is when a recipe only asks for egg yolks.  What can you do with the egg whites, besides having scrambled eggs sans yolk?  Here is a remedy to the baking dilemma:  coconut macaroons.  They are packed with aroma, yet light and airy.  The coconut provides texture, shape, and a bit of tropical flare to these delectable treat.  This recipe adopted from Bon Appetit.

One of the ingredients that the recipe asks is lime zest, which is easily substituted by lemon zest.  The taste of the zest will not be overpowering; it stays as a subtle undertone.  After shredded coconut is added, the meringue will deflate because it serves as the “glue” that holds the coconut together.  The macaroons will slightly rise during the process of baking because of the meringue as well.  The baking time according to the recipe is 18-22 minutes, but so far, the average time I take is 10 minutes.  Given the power of oven varies, the rule of thumb is once the top and bottom layers of coconut turns brown, it is done.

Enjoy the macaroons!

Adding coconut flakes to meringue

Macaroons ready for baking

Macaroons done.  My favorite part is the browned coconut

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