Hedgehog Chronicle

When I first learned how to knit, my assumption was that most toys were crocheted and not knitted, given that crocheting had an upper-hand in shape creating.  I was proven wrong when Purl Bee released a free pattern for a knitted hedgehog.  These little guys are so adorable that I am itching to make one.

By reading the pattern alone, I thought I was going to tackle Mount Everest, but once I started knitting, it was not as bad as I envisioned.  The most difficulty I had was to start the hedgehog nose, since it only had 6 cast-on and needed to join into a circle.  The double-pointed needles (DPNs) I have are quite long, so I have to watch my stitches from twisting, and preventing the needles from gouging my eyes out.  What I did was to use magic loop method to start, then transfer all stitched to DPNs.

The result?  Not too bad for first attempt, though many have pointed out that the hedgehog was “way too chubby” to say it nicely.  But who can really object a round and cuddly stuffed animal?  I know I cannot.

Humble beginning.. you can see the itty-bitty nose.

Once and future hedgehog.  Looks a bit like a bunny

Adding the spiny part!  It looks like a lion.. sort of.

Plump it up!

Here is my squishy and round hedgehog

Second attempt:  making one for Jon with his favorite color yarn.
His hedgehog looks smaller because instead of using Size 10 needles for the spine, I use size 8 instead.

His looks like a rat… 

Hedgehog totem!

2 thoughts on “Hedgehog Chronicle

  1. these are really cute and OMG, woman, all those needles! I thought one only need 2 needles and it was good. Looks like I was wrong. I know nothing of knitting. I learnt crochet at school -seriously- but haven't practiced it. My mom loves knitting/crocheting, I'm more of the paper crafts 😉


  2. Knitting smaller circles can be tricky because circular needles are limited by their length which determines the circumference of the circle. Given that the hedgehog is not knitted as one piece, more needles are needed to hold some stitches in place as well as closing up the hedgehog. Crocheting is less complicated that way from what I understood and it has less restriction in shapes, therefore looking less daunting than gazillions of needles holding a tiny hedgehog together!


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