Sponge cake with almond

Whenever I crave for cake, it is usually something spongy but not too sweet.  Earlier last year, I found a Japanese sponge cake recipe at La Fuji Mama, and it turned out very similar to the ones I had when I was a kid.  Liking the cake so much, I often make it without the whipping cream and strawberries.

The base of the cake is meringue, and yes, it can be time consuming to whip it by hand (yes, I have tried it), with a mixer, it can still take awhile to make sure the meringue peaks and appears glossy.

Meringue with egg

Ready to bake!

The only modification I made to the recipe is to sprinkle shaved almond on top of the cake, right before it makes to the oven.

Ready to eat!

Profile of the cake slice

In my experience, this cake becomes “flat” rather quickly, probably because of the meringue, so consume within a day or two (who can object to cake eating?)


2 thoughts on “Sponge cake with almond

  1. This is the cake I made whenever I want a “cake” day because I can literally inhale the entire thing in one sitting :p If I have heavy whipping cream on hand, I will pair the cake with homemade whipped cream, which makes the cake more delectable!


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