Banana chocolate cake

This is an adaptation to Marianne’s Banana Hazelnut Cake.  For some reason, I always have some ripe bananas around, what is a better way to get rid of them than baking?  The cake yields from this recipe is lightly sweetened and very moist.  Compare to Marianne’s version, mine is a naked one, without the chocolate glaze and no hazelnuts, since I do not have any nuts on hand.  For the chopped chocolate, I substitute it with semi-sweet chocolate chips.

This recipe does not require a mixer.  There is no creaming of sugar and butter, but only whisking together the eggs and sugar.  Making of the mixture is very similar to meringue, but it will not peak like meringue.  Just make sure the egg/sugar mixture is frothy and bubbly before you add the rest of the ingredients.



The baking time for this cake is pretty long, close to an hour, similar to banana bread.

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