Lace beret

Hearing that I have gotten a hang of hat knitting, my sister gave me a challenge:  knit her a beret.  The concept itself is not hard, the most difficult part turns out to be… I obviously do not know how to count.  This lace beret pattern I found is not difficult in theory, so to prevent repetitive ripping off (which can be very frustrating), I start counting repetition of the pattern and place stitch markers, so I can contain mistakes within each section.

Setting up for the beret

One of the failed attempts

Finished product
Lace section of the beret

I am glad to say that I finally manage to finish the project without taking everything apart (I think I have ripped everything out about 3 times before I learned my lessons).  Because I use a 100% alpaca yarn, it is softer than wool, so the hat slouches a bit more than I expected.

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