Daisy Stitch Hand Warmers

I am not good with New Year resolutions because I do not want to find myself not following through any of it.  Instead, I make goals that I would like to achieve, mostly small projects (besides my thesis, that was the first big one in years).  To knit a pair of hand warmers was one of the goals last year.  Since I started knitting little over a year ago, I saw many nice patterns that I would like to try, but was not confident/good enough to knit yet.  This Daisy Stitch hand warmers is one of them.  You can find the original pattern on Purl Bee.

The original patterns calls for 4 different color skeins, but since I seem to drawn to variegated color yarn.  This particular yarn I use is Uva by Malabrigo, a brand that offers yarn in amazing color combination that will even excite non-knitters.

Knitting the body

Because the pattern is consisted of knitting 3 stitches together, the stitch can be tight.  At times, I feel like drilling with all the bamboo needles.  In this project, I also learn and use some techniques that are novel to me.  One of them being working with scrap yarns.  As you can imagine, the thumb has to come out somewhere, and since the thumb hole is knitted after the completion of the body, the scrap yarn is holding all the stitches in place that are around the thumb.  As you can see in the picture below, the orange scrap yarn will be cut open, while picking up the stitches around that area.

scrap yarn

The color of scrap should be drastically different from the yarn you are using, so you will not be cutting the wrong yarn 🙂  From reading the pattern several times, I do not think the pattern says anything about removing the scrap yarn.  After finishing the first hand warmer with some difficulty, I realize that it will be easier to see which stitches to pick up (when you are ready to knit the thumb hole itself), if you slowly cut the scrap yarn as you establish the thumb round.

thumb hole
Setting up the needles for thumb hole.  I am lucky that I did not lose an eye while knitting this project 😉
Yes, I am pulling a “Michael Jackson” look 

completed hand warmers
Can you tell which one I knitted first?

Good thing about knitting hand warmers is that you get two chances to familiarize with the pattern.  The first thumb portion I knitted looked rather awkwardly, but the second one significantly improved.  This project is a memorable one, since I either cannot count or cannot seem to knit all stitches in one.  But a good practice on not losing my temper and be patient.  

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