Schokiladen-Butter-plätzchen or Chocolate covered shortbread cookie

I have been a lucky recipient of holiday cookies for years (Thank you, Marianne!) This year, I decide to make some cookies for coworkers, and my first batch is chocolate covered shortbread cookies.  The recipe I use is from Saveur and part of the reason I choose this recipe over others is because the relative small amount of sugar (1/4 cup of sugar to 2 cups of flour), and most German cookies I have tasted are simply delicious.  
The only thing I do differently from the recipe is the chocolate mixture.  Since they are supposed to be holiday cookies, I thought it will be nice that the chocolate has a slight mint flavor, thus I melted two pieces of Andes mint chocolate with 5 cubes of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate (72% cacao).  If you put any sort of extract (vanilla, mint), the syrup will crystalize and it will “seize” the chocolate, so it will not melt properly.  
The shortbread cookie itself is filled with the aroma of butter but it is not overly sweetened.  Though it is filled with butter, the texture itself is very light.  The lightness complements with the slight bitter and rich chocolate.  Try it out when you have a chance!
shortbread ready to bake!
baked shortbread.  Do not let them brown!
tempered chocolate, with a hint of mint.
if you look at them from the sideway, don’t they look like faces with different hair style? 🙂

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