Mint Chocolate Brownie

It just happened that today is the National Brownie Day, but I am not a big fan for it.  Since the Baker’s birthday is around the corner, I decided to bake a brownie for him with a bit of a twist, with Andes mint chocolate pieces and a splash of mint extract.  You can find the recipe here.  Instead of making it bite size as the original recipe intended, I made it into regular brownie bars.  I always have a fear of melting chocolate because the conventional method is required a double boiler, but in principle, chocolate is not melted by direct heat, but melted by steam.  I place a strainer on top of a pot, and put the chocolate in a Pyrex container, and put it in the strainer.  
A bit of a warning, while making this brownie, you might have the urge to lick the mixing bowl clean!  😉


Melting chocolate, along with Andes mint pieces
Mixing the batter
Ready to bake!

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