Birthday card for mom

My mom’s birthday is approaching, so as you can guess it, I am making a card.  I also want to try something different with this card.  Despite of no snow falling just yet, I thought snowflakes might be a good theme for her card.  I thought it might look nice if I layer them on top of each other, as I am cutting it out.  

Here are the materials I used for this card:
  • Mi Tiente drawing paper in navy.
  • scraps of wrapping paper.
  • faux-pearl sticker.
  • copper gouache mix.
  • Utretcht No.2 round brush.
  • Rubber stamp in birthday cup cake.
  • ColorBox stamp pad.
  • Embossing powder.
A variety of snowflakes
Front cover
Layered snowflakes close up.

The little something new I tried is embossing for rubber stamps.  I used an extra sticky ink pad that dries slowly, and sprinkle a bit of emboss powder on the stamped image.  It turned out a bit better than I expected.

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