Besides stickers and pens, I probably have tons of bookmarks as well.  Most of them were store bought, either given to me as souvenirs or as part of my hoarding.  Recently, in a parcel that Gentian kindly sent me, she drew this cute little bunny on the packaging with Uni-Ball Posca pens.  I simply did not have the heart to throw it out, so I carefully cut the image off the packaging.  To ensure the smoothness of the application, I scrapped off all the packing materials (mostly recycle fibers) with the edge of a ruler.  Since I have a lot of scrap paper left over from envelop- and card-making, I used a piece to layer it underneath the drawing to reinforce it.  To make the bookmark more durable, I cut out a piece from a beautiful catalog, which is made with thick cardstock.  This project not only preserves a piece of art from a friend, but also reuses a lot of materials that might be otherwise disposed.

Thank you again, Gentian!


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