Paper craft: Birthday cards

Like most of us, I used to buy greeting cards; it is convenient and ready to go.  Artistic creativity is never my strong suit, so I figure I will spare everyone from my fail attempts.  Since I relocated to the East Coast, I started making cards here and there, with cardstock and craft pens found at Michaels, partly out of the desires to develop a productive hobby or two.  
Given my talent is quite limited, I rely on rubber stamps and punches to make decorative borders and illustration, and I also mainly make flatcards.  Thanks to the June and July babies, I have made quite a bit of cards recently.  
The cupcake in the first card is colored by Copic Markers, something entirely new to me.  They dombine the seamless blending of watercolor and quick drying property of alcohol-based ink.  My novice attempt in part encourages me to get more Copic markers in the future.
Copic marker attempt!  Not all bad ^^;;

 Sometime the card itself does not need to be highly decorated.  In this example, I merely use two pieces of paper with different colors, punch the corners, and tuck the corner of one piece into the corners.  The overlaying paper pieces create effects in themselves.  The letterings are done by Sakura Glaze pen.

Corners done by Kuratake punch

 The following two utilize rubber stamps and some watercolor pencils.  I am definitely not an expert at this, so I have been doing different things when I make different cards.  In the whale card, I outine the outer shape of the whale, and use a waterbrush to brush over the stroke, then bring some of the pigment to the area that is not colored.

Marine mammals are usually my favorite choices.

This fold card is for Little Hummingbird, who will be turning 3 soon.  To color the stamped image, I blend several similar tones to create a more textured look and shading.

Having way too much fun coloring!

Inner flap of the card… animal march made of stickers
It is proably not entirely visible, I usually draw a cat face with three paws.
In Chinese, a three-paw cat means an amateur, which is befitting to describe my attempt.

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