Pencil Wrap

I have not knitted for awhile due to the reactivation of my carpel tunnel.  Although I have not knitted for long, I actually miss it– handling gorgeous yarns, going through the motion, and creating something.  Since a friend’s birthday is coming up and I want to give her something to store her artsy pens, a pencil roll seems to be suitable.  Plus, it would be a bit more special if I make it.  
The knitting part is actually not challenging; the sewing part gives me the trepidation.  Yes, I did not pass home economics with flying colors, but I figure, everyone has that first time, right?  Overall, no blood is shed and it does not come out badly.  I hope my friend will like it!
You may find the pattern and instruction to make this pencil roll here.  (Simple registration required)
Inside with the lining.

Backside.  Original pattern did not ask for a button, but I thought it will cover up
messy sewing job behind it, as well as decorate the wrap.

Rolling it up!


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