Easter Card

I do not become conscious about when Easter is until receiving cards from my two close German friends around spring.  Years back, I would just purchase cards from stationery stores, but I came to a realization:  there are only two cards!  If my friends took the time to pack me some Easter candies and sent them across the Atlantic, I should be about to make these cards.  
The apparent challenge is that I am not artistically talented.  What I conceive in my mind rarely transpose onto paper.  One of the few things I can do is to practice and to get help from embellishment such like stickers and punches.  
For this year’s card, I thought about giving the combination of brushpen and fountain pen ink a try, since I have so many varieties of green.  
Here are the results:
Let’s try out the idea before I ruin a ream of paper.

Inside of the card, thanks to stickers.
The letterings are done by Sakura Glitter and Souffle pens.

My draw-by-dots tree and three origami bunnies.
Let’s hope the bunnies will survive the cross Atlantic trip.
They will be boxed instead being in an envelop.

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