Postscript: Herringbone Cowl with a bit of a kick

I was fascinated by variation pieces when I still took piano lessons.  The piece usually started off with the main theme, followed by several variations.  Though one way to understand variations is to see them as “in other words” of the main theme, each alternative possessed its own personality and motif.  
The herringbone cowl turns out to be a big hit amongst my friends and family.  Thus far, I have knitted this pattern 4 times.  While catching up with a friend, she was elated to hear that I knew how to knit herringbone pattern and gave me a mission:  she wanted a herringbone cowl that is funky and bright, which gave me a chance to create a variation for the herringbone cowl.  Though I am fond of bright and bold colors, I have tendency to select neutral colors so it is easy for recipients to match their  accessories to existing closets.  Given that my past color selections were considered “safe”, this mission was refreshing and fun.  
One of the suggestions that this friend made was to use scrap yarns I have, so her cowl would be one-of-the-kind.  Since one of the requirements of this “assignment” was spunky, a unique yarn is imperative.  Immediately I thought of Noro yarns.  They are not only bright in colors, but also unique in materials.  I intended this project to be a play off of both colors and textures, so the Noro yarn I picked was “Nobori.” It was a self-stripping yarn that coupled with nylon tapes, which is probably the most novel yarn I have used.  I liked the experience, except that I snagged on the nylon tapes with needles from time to time.  
How does it turn out?  In my perception, I was amazed by overall, how well all these colors worked together.  Each “stripe” conveyed a different mood and the bright colors for sure can ligthen one’s mood, especially in a gloomy winter.
Let’s hope my friend will be as pleased as I do with the cowl!
How many colors can you pick out?

Colors work in tandem

Still plushy!

Overview of the cowl.
Does not it look like a layer cake?


3 thoughts on “Postscript: Herringbone Cowl with a bit of a kick

  1. I think this turned out amazing!! What a piece of work!! I would be curious to see a cowl made completely of the nylon yarn! You have become quite talented in your knitting. Woo!


  2. I just figured out herringbone in the round. I have black and white, but most cowls pictured are of one color. I was going to alternate rows, but now I think I am going for half/half. Thanks for sharing.


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