Extra warm scarf

My lovely friend Marcelo was excited about his rick- rack scarf that he does not mind to have another one. Since I chose a multi-color yarn for his last scarf, I thought I will use a monochrome yarn and choose a pattern that is more textured.  While I was perusing for patterns, I came aross this Extra Warm Men’s scarf on a site called Cotton and Cloud.  The site provides tips and techniques on knitting, as well as some patterns for purchase, or free to download.

It is fun to make this scarf, but it also feels neverending.  The yarn I chose was Cascade Eco Wool, which comes in 478 yards in a skein.  Given that I usually wind up in a tangling mess when I worked with a skein, I usually transform the skein into a ball before knitting.  You can only imagine how big this ball of yarn is!  The reason why the knitting process seemed neverending is because I assume the scarf reached the right length, but it was always just a tad too short.  It was long enough to wrap around the neck, but it would be too short to make an ascot.  It also did not help when I am a dwarf size, which makes it hard for me to gauge the right length.

Let’s hope Marcelo will like this one as well!

close-up on the pattern




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