Herringbone Cowl

For the longest time, I could not knit rounds.  I have circular needles, but I mainly use them to knit straight, since they enable more discrete knitting in the public (I can totally imagine that I am being arrested because I poke someone on the Metro with a 13-inch needle).  I attempted knitting rounds several times and each time I failed because one, I accidentally slipped a stitch and everything came apart, or two, I twisted the stitches during first round.  Because of my previous futile attempts, I have been putting this herringbone cowl from Purl Bee on my “to-do” list for several months now.

The pattern by Purl Bee indicates a size 17 circular needles, but I use size 10 instead.  While knitting it, I was afraid that the cowl will not only not have the drape look, but also not long enough to wrap.  Fortunately, the finished product is capable of wrapping twice, give it a layered look.  Since my sister wants a longer one, I will post some pictures of a herringbone cowl that is done with size 17 circular needles.

Here are some pictures of the cowl:

Before blocking:

edge is slightly curled.

You can still see the herringbone pattern

Another look

While blocking:

Can you see that the pattern is more prominent now?

 After blocking:

The edge is slightly neater.

The right side.

The wrong side.

2 thoughts on “Herringbone Cowl

  1. This might sound odd, but whenever I heard the tern s, I thought of fish. Yes, I know, so gluttonous of me.
    This is the first circular knitted piece that is actualized, so it is definitely a milestone. I will post it to you soon (along with other mumbo jumbos).


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