Postscript: Marianne’s chocolate potato cake

I got a chance to make the chocolate potato cake that I mentioned in this post.  I have a German chocolate cake recipe I have used for years, but it asks for meringue.  It is not that I do not enjoying whipping meringue, it is the folding that may endanger the flattening of the meringue.  The potato in this recipe is very intriguing; plus, grating potato would be so much easier than whipping meringue by hand.

Since you can get the complete recipe from Marianne’s blog, I am going to do an illustrated version of the instruction.  The only alteration I made to her recipe is to substitute ground almonds with almond meal.  Of course, I have done so with Marianne’s permission.

Mix room temperature butter with sugar

Just incorporated the two, but not quite there yet.
Need to make sure the butter-sugar mixture is airy and fluffy.

Ready for eggs!  This can almost pass as a vanilla ice cream.

Add eggs, one by one, mix it well.
This is how it looks after all 3 eggs.

Adding in cocoa powder, vanilla sugar, and grated potato.
Mix is throughly to make sure there is no potato clumps!

Mix flour, baking powder, and ground almonds.  Set yogurt and milk aside.
Alternating dry and wet ingredients and mix it well.

All ingredients are in.  Ready to bake!

Chocolate potato cake.  

7 thoughts on “Postscript: Marianne’s chocolate potato cake

  1. I was worry about the potato and almond meal, but it turned out great! It is moist and best of all, not sweet! I might have undercook it, but my student told me it is “fudgy.” If you prefer stronger chocolate flavor, I would advise to add 5-6 Tbspn of cocoa powder.


  2. In the second to last picture, I REALLY want to devour that chocolatey, potato-ey batter. *drool* I will try adding some more cocoa, I love chocolate, especially if it's not overly sweet! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. That looks like a great cake! I love the pictures. Its always great reassurance to know what the batter is supposed to look like at each step!

    Helps avoid those “is this right or did I mess that step up?” moments.


  4. Thank you for stopping by! I am glad you find the pictures helpful; at least they will help you decide whether you want to make this cake! Don't forget to make extra for Peaches and Koa! 🙂


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