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Baking with Marianne: Chocolate Potato Cake


Since the winter is in its full swing, chocolate becomes even more enticing than usual. In the mood for baking and chocolate? Here is a great recipe for a moist chocolate cake, courtesy of my friend Marianne and her mom. I will definitely try it out this weekend!

Baking with Marianne: Chocolate Potato Cake


2 thoughts on “Baking with Marianne: Chocolate Potato Cake

  1. Is he afraid that you will be like Gretel in Hansel in Gretel, that you would push something into the oven instead of the cake? 🙂
    Do you know that Black Forest cake is a faux German chocolate cake that was started in Texas? I made that for Jon several times for his birthday. Now I am tempted to try this authentic German chocolate cake!


  2. OMG chocolate cake is one of my favorite things EVER. You must let me know how it goes so I can try it after!! I suppose I could make it regardless. Or have Kevin help me since he doesn't like me near the oven hahahaha


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