Lopi capelet

Christmas was several days ago and now I believe it might be safe to post pictures on some projects I worked on, given the recipients probably have opened their gifts by now.

This is a capelet, a mini cape that you can wrap it around shoulders to fend off some of the cold.  The pattern itself or the skills required by this capelet was nothing special.  It is the material that I used made this little cape stand out.  I knitted it with Icelandic lopi, a knitting yarn that made by the fleece of Icelandic sheeps.  The yarn itself contains two layers:  a coarse outter layer that is water resistany, while the sofer inner layer provides warmth.  I have to say when I first started knitting, I thought I was knitting with straws; at times, I felt that the upper dermal layer of my fingers has been sanded down.  After I gently blocking the finished product (basically soaking the piece in woolwash to make the pattern more obvious, and possibly strech out some of the uneven parts), the yarn became soft to touch.  It was actually very warm.

Here are some pictures of this lopi capelet:

Edge of the capelet

Almost done here!
Blocking the capelet
Close up

This picture reflects the actual color
All finish up!  Sewning the side buttons and knitting in the tail.


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