Zig zag scarf

If you have noticed, I have not posted any entries on my knitting projects recently.  There are several reasons for that.  One, I am planning to make knitted goods for my friends this Christmas.  Given that some of them do read this blog, it would ruin the surprise for them. From now to the end of the year, I will post pictures of projects, whose owners either is not aware of this blog or is not following it. 

Since most scarves I knitted in the past are in rectangular shape, I figure it would be nice to making something different.  I found this zig zag scarf pattern when I first started learning how to knit.  It was too difficult me at the time to even knit and purl, let alone increase and decrease. 

A few words about the yarn I used.  It has a beautiful name:  Venezia (Venice in Italian).  If each city has a smell and feel to it, this yarn has captured what I imagined Venice would be.  It is silky, soft to touch, and warm.  Best of all, it is very tolerant toward beginner like me.  I have undone this yarn for more than 3 times, yet the yarn does not splinter nor comes undone.  Unfortunately, Venezia at bulky weight has been discontinued; otherwise, I would be a happy returned customer. 

In case you are interested in making your own zig zag scarf, here is the pattern

Reversible!  Best feature of this scarf.

Waiting for it to dry after blocking

Another close up


2 thoughts on “Zig zag scarf

  1. Nah. You are just being nice. I, too, suffer from mistranslation problem when it comes to knitting. I probably should not spend as much time to figure out some of the conundrums in knitting, but it does not give me a sense of accomplishment 🙂


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