Sunshine scarf.. without the sunshine

When one starts knitting, the first projects are either wash cloth, afghan, or scarfs.  Something straight, nothing too fancy or complicated.  I got the idea for the project from Purl Bee, the blog of a textile and yarn shop up in New York City named Purl Soho.

Technique wise, it is very very simple; it only involves knit stitches, but the challenge I am seeking is switching yarns.  Thus far, I have only attached yarns only when the yarn is running out, since this scarf design switching between three colors, I have to connect yarns whenever color changes.  The original design asks for beige, yellow, and orange yarns, a color combination that I found refreshing.   Unfortunately I do not know anyone who likes that color scheme, so knowing me I only use the pattern and devise my own color scheme.  I decided to add some color to the Baker’s scarf collection, since it is a bit on the gloomy side.  As you can see in the pictures below, I use green, vanilla, and purple.  Maybe it is just my eyes, I always thought green and purple look nice together.

I figure since technique wise, the scarf is pretty straight forward.  Well, it is pretty straight forward, besides that all stitches (415 of them) were pretty crammed on the circular needles, and that the scarf twisted constantly.  So I found myself straighten up the project after 10-15 stitches.  The author of the pattern suggests to knit in the ends in the process.  I followed the advice but it must be because I am still inexperienced that I still have tons of ends when I bound it off.

It feels great that I finally finish this project; this would be the longest one I have done this far.  It is evident in the photos that this scarf is indeed very long, but it feels very cushy and comfortable.

Materials I use

  • 3 balls of green
  • 1 ball of vanilla
  • 1 ball of purple (all by Sugar’n Cream, 120 yard each)
  • 47-inch size 8 circular needle
  • tapestry needle

You may find the pattern here.

Endless ends…

Look like this scarf just had a haircut

I need to come up with a new name for this scarf.  Definitely not very sunshiny

Close up

Profile.  This time the binding off is done better!

Thick and cushy!

Hopefully this scarf will be warm!

Straight garter knit… nothing too special, a bit boring to some people.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine scarf.. without the sunshine

  1. Thanks for the compliment! I figure a simple pattern would be ideal for a Metro project. I did not expect the scarf to come out as long as it is, but I guess Jon would be ready for winter!
    If I would to make this scarf again, instead of casting 415 stitches, I would probably cut it down to 350 or something around there.
    I am trying out a more complex pattern now, that involves smocking stitch. Hope everything will work out!


  2. This looks good. Your stitches are very even so your tension was maintained perfectly. I go for the intricate stitches because I find complicated patterns cover up inconsistencies better–you just have to keep track of your rows and stitches.

    Now that I've tried my hand at crochet, I can't help but think that a similar stripped effect might be achieved easier with a crochet hook–no need to worry about bunching in the circular needle.

    P.S. The new blog background is very zesty and festive.


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