Simple Prayer Shawl

Simple Prayer Shawl.. halfway done?

I have been knitting for about a month now.  A confession I must make is that I am not a good beginner.  While most beginners were content by practicing various basic stitches, I was eager to find patterns that contained stitches I already knew along with something I did not.  My impatience got me into a lot of trouble because it was almost like a crawler that was too eager to run.  For example, during the first week, I thought I knew how to purl but my stockinette never looked right.  It turned out that I was knitting all the way.  It took me another week to figure out how to purl by switching to Continental Method.  I figured my left hand needed to be more dextrous, so this would be a good opportunity.  I struggled with the yarn and needles for several day, and when I managed to pull the first loop through without using both hands, I was beyond delighted.

This shawl only involves knit, purl, and yarn over.  I know the concept of yarn over, but just never actually use it in a pattern.  The author of the shawl pattern stresses that this is meant to be a simple pattern, so the knitter can keep the recipient in mind.  I was glad that I do not have to count as much, so I can work on it while I commute.

Here is the pattern if you are interested:

  1. Cast on 3 stitches
  2. Row 1:  Knit 2, yarn over, knit to end.
  3. Row 2:  Knit 2, yarn over, purl to end.
  4. Repeat row 1 and 2 until the piece reaches desired length
  5. Bind off loosely.  Gently block.

The pattern is design by Katheleen Cubley.  I obtain the pattern from KnittingDaily.

As to who is the recipient?  I have no clue yet.  I figure it will be handy since Christmas is coming…

PS.  Yes, yes, I realize all the knits are crammed on a 14-inch straight needle.  I am awaiting for my circular need to come so I can finish the project.  At this moment, I am also running out of yarns.

The shawl was completed on September 15th.

2 thoughts on “Simple Prayer Shawl

  1. Nice yarns are exuberantly expensive. For this particular shawl, I just bought regular cotton yarn from Michaels. I have purchased better quality yarn from Purl Soho. I actually need to buy something from Jimmy Beans yarn because it has the yarn I need to finish the lavender pink scarf. It does have Rowan wool yarn on sale for 3 something a ball. If you like anything, let me know, so I can place an order together.


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