An Experiment with Müslibrot

Remember the müslibrot I made months ago?  I decided to conduct some experiments with the recipe, since I have nuts and dried fruits that I need to consume.  As I mentioned in other post, I am horrible at following directions.  For those of you who know me well, I have tendency to learn better from mistakes, or from the path that is “less traveled by.”

What I did differently in this attempt is to use both apricot and cherries into the dough, and use half bread four and half whole wheat flour.  I figure an already wholesome bread might be more rustic with wheat.  During the mixing/ kneading process, it did not go as I expected.  Normally, I would assume the dough start to form into a ball by the time I mixed all the dry and wet ingredients together.  Not for this one.  The combination of faulty scale and wheat flour set my exploration off chart.  The dough (if you can even call it that) was extremely tacky and I had to urge to keep adding flour in the mixture, until my baker-half pronounced, “if you keep adding flour, the dough would be dead.” I simply could not form the dough in a nice round ball.  Part of the reason is that any dough that has wheat will be tacky and it requires more liquid than plain bread flour mixture.  In essence, the bread dough feels like more like a pizza dough.

Thankfully, the dough did rise after resting and the bread did turn out well.  It was a lot softer and moist than last time and the cherry added a bit of tartness that complimented well to the mild flavor of apricot.  Unfortunately, I did not push out all the air after the initial proofing, so there were more air pockets than usual, but it did not upset the taste or the texture of the bread.

Will I try this recipe again?  Most definitely.  Now I am on the quest of searching for a new kitchen scale.

Müslibrot with cherry

Müslibrot with just apricot

Fresh out of the oven!

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