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Pouch in making


A knitted small pouch

My sister really likes this pastel yarn, but too bad it is made of cotton thus it will not provide enough warmth for her.  With what is left with the ball, I decide to knit a small pouch.  Unfortunately, because this pattern requires double held yarn now I officially run out of this pastel yarn.  Time to run to the craft store!

5 thoughts on “Pouch in making

  1. Including this one, three. I am about 75% done with the pink-purplish colored scarf. I just started another wash cloth as part of the wedding gift for a friend. That one is pretty mechanical, since it only requires alternating knit and purl in a row, which make it a nice project to do while on Metro.


  2. I will need to ask you tips on using circular needles when I am ready. People give me the impression that they are hard to use!


  3. A miniature afghan I'm knitting for my cousin's American Girl doll. I'm using a Trinity stitch for the main body combined with the trim from the Brooke's Column of Leaves scarf–the maroon one I sent you.


  4. They aren't hard at all. They just feel different because the ends of the needles no longer sticks out and rest on your forearm. Once you get use to circular needles, you feel strange when switching back to the regular ones.

    What is hard is how to closely gauge a pattern. I always end up with bigger dimensions then I intended and having to buy more yarn to complete a project–the result is I end up with a lot of extra yarn of the same color. With the current mini-afghan, I would have completed it using only one skein if I had made it slightly narrower. Now I have to buy a whole extra skein of the same color in order to knit the few more inches to square off the project. But what to do with the remaining yarn? If this scenario continues, I will end up with a lot of knitted good in the same lilac color.


  5. How many of these concurrent knitting projects do you have going on?


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