Another knitting project underway

Wash cloth

A completed one
This project was completed on August 27.  It was a fun one to knit, given that 1/8 of it was done while I was waiting endlessly for the Department of Public Safety to ascertain the soundness of the building during the recent earthquake.  The pattern was found on Purl Bee, a good source for a variety of needle crafts.  This pattern only consists of purl and knit, which is perfect for a beginner like me. 

4 thoughts on “Another knitting project underway

  1. I am in the same boat! I just picked up knitting about a month ago. Of course I did not listen to my mom and start trying out any variations I can find with knit and purl. The border of the wash cloth is call seed stitch (or English Moss stitch) is alternating knit and purl in the same row.
    If you are interested in some of the simple projects that only involve knit and purl, let me know!


  2. The relationship I have with yarn is almost like a cat and a yarn ball. I am horrible when it comes to anything that resembles a string.
    I know it can be very frustrating while knitting scarves; they are like neverending stories! I will tweet you to find out what you will like to try next! Yay, we can be knitting buddies too!


  3. A month ago?! What! You look like a pro already, I'm so impressed! And inspired to see that someone can learn so much in just a month so there's hope for me yet! I only can make “scarves” but after… 20 scarves… you get bored of them hehe. I've never even heard of a seed stitch – I'll give it a shot and see how it turns out. I'd love some info on any easy projects you have 🙂 Easy because… I'm still a beginner hehe. Thanks!!


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