Scarf in progress

My mom learned how to knit when I was little.  In a young child’s eyes, what she did what purely magical.  See the alacrity while she knitted and purled, and see how she transformed all these balls of yarn into sweaters and other items; in other words, she inspired me to learn how to knit. 

Here comes the challenge:  I am horrible with thread or anything that assembles thread and I cannot sew to save my life.  My own shortcoming apparently did not dampen my enthusiasm.  I picked up a knitting book, a pair of needles, and a ball of cotton yarn; thus marked the beginning of my knitting attempt. 

Here is a scarf that I am knitting for my sister.  I found the pattern at Purl Bee and it is incredibly easy.  Hopefully everything to come together!

Scarf for sis


3 thoughts on “Scarf in progress

  1. At least for stockinette when you purl, you supposed to slip off and do not purl the first stitch, and knit the last stitch. As for this pattern, the edges should be strait, but my tension is probably off on that role that is crooked. Hopefully my sister will accept imperfection in handmade gift.


  2. In my old notes, I had written down the instruction to purl the first and last stitches on the wrong side (as oppose to the right side) and to slip the first and last stitches on the right side (that were originally supposed to be knitted). Doing so will give a nice braid pattern on both side edges.


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