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Home- made pizzas


Hot sizzling Pepperoni pizza
Before the oven
Rolling out the dough
Vegetarian pizza
Pizza dough
My baker-half was craving for pizzas last night.  Ever since we moved here, we still could not find a pizza place that could replace Roundtable.  His solution was to make his own, from the sauce to the crust.  Too bad we did not have big enough of a yard, otherwise, I would not mind home-grown zucchinis, tomatoes, and other veggies too.  
It is pretty good for the first attempt:  the crust is crispy, the pies turn out nice.  I would prefer a thinner crust, but this will do for now.
So what was my input for this culinary endeavor?  I placed all the ingredients onto the pies.  🙂 

2 thoughts on “Home- made pizzas

  1. I will make you some when you come for a visit.


  2. *Cries* Where's my share?!


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