Pilot Run on breadmaking

This post is dedicated to Marianne, who puts together an inspirational blog on baking.  This is my first try on her recipe on Olive roll.  I took the liberty of adding basil while trying out this break.  If you are interested, you may find her recipe here.

Inside of the olive basil roll
They are golden!

Second proofing

First proofing

Will the dough rise?

3 thoughts on “Pilot Run on breadmaking

  1. It actually tastes pretty good! I thought the yeast will die on me and the dough won't rise, but thankfully, the dough cooperated. The crust tastes a bit similar to how Mr. Baguette's. Since it is a small roll, more crust!!

    When you mentioned C&O Tratoria in Venice, I thought it was in Italy :p No, I have not been there. Is it worth going to?


  2. Liebe Shangching,
    I really don't know what to say! The rolls look fabulous and it makes me so happy.
    When I started my baking blog it meant to be a little baking diary for myself, But here and there I get messages and people are telling me that they tries out this recipe or baked for the first time. This is such a joy for me.
    And you are my loyal reader and great baker. 🙂


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