Short note of hello

So… As you can see, my blog is pretty lonely nowadays.  I am still adjusting to my lopsided schedule, and as of tomorrow, I need to wake up earlier because the library closes earlier. 

Currently I have this fascination over inks produced by a German company called Rohrer & Klingner.  I have read several reviews on the Fountain Pen Network on various colors, so far I have my eyes set on Scabiosa, a grayish purple. Here is the official color swab from Rohrer & Klingner.  I always wonder why cannot people use a fun color as a everyday color, but I think Scabiosa might be the answer to my puzzle.  Just in case you wonder, Scabiosa is a flower from the teasel family seen here.

Since my workload is light at night, I have been doing more writing on my thesis.  Yes, thesis, I still remember that.  Wish me luck!

Hopefully I will be able to do more ink review sometimes this month.

Until then, take care!


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