Russia House

I took my cousin who was in town for audition to a Russian restaurant called Russia House in DC tonight.  It was recommended to me by a lovely coworker.  The food is decent in that I would love to revisit the place again.  I ordered Moscow Borsch and duck rillette.  The seasoning for borsch is a bit, but the flavor is good.  It tastes a bit different from the one I tried in San Diego.  It is sweeter, but it could also be because the prominence of oxtail.  I have not tried rillette before, but it is very aromatic.  The arugula and thinly sliced radish pieces are good contrast to the tenderness of the duck.  
One element that stands out from this restaurant is its extensive selections of vodka.  I am most impressed with the one that is infused with birch.  For one second, I thought I was eating a piece of IKEA furniture 🙂  The aroma profile is woody and herb like.  In contrary to the usual instant burning sensation, the liquor has a velvety smooth felt and a good body. 

Overall, I would revisit the restaurant in the future, and I would love to try their wide range of vodka choice! 


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